Listen to The Unexplained Ones cover mysterious topics --- often hilarious, sometimes serious, and always unexplained. From world-famous guests like astrophysicist Dr. Charles Liu to UFO news coverage to Bigfoot --- CJ Dearinger, Smitty Neaves, and author/professor/narrator Dr. Mounce search for answers for everything from alien encounters to cryptid creatures. All Things - Unexplained takes a fun approach to unearth exciting and unanswered questions about our world and beyond. Join them in their inquisition as they blend mysteries with education, entertainment, and humor. 
* Nominated for a People's Choice Podcast Award
* A Top-25 Science Charts Podcast

DocCJ Dearinger went from top of her class to mother of 3 and friend to many. Brilliant and multi-talented, CJ brings a level of refined professionalism to the show!

SmittySmitty Neaves is a career history teacher, Civil War buff, and religious expert. Check out his book, Little Fish, Big Splash.

DocDr. Mounce is a non-recovering coffee addict (with a modest mug collection) as well as a sand volleyball and tennis player. His hobbies include being a professor and author, particularly of cryptid-filled children's books.
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